A confession: I cant stand being called “the PR guy.”

That label comes with all sorts of negative connotations, and in my experience, some of them are well deserved.

Nobody wants bullshit “spin”—not your employees, not the public, and certainly not the media.

Agency PR is a chance to tell your company’s story. What makes you unique. What makes you worthy of consideration.

But no media outlet owes you anything. You have to earn their attention and respect.


I look at agency PR as a service job: the good PR people are there to serve the reporters and editors who are looking for information and stories.

That means developing a relationship with the reporters who cover your business. I don’t know them all, but I know a lot of them. Regardless of whether I’ve worked with them for years or whether I’m working with them for the first time, I approach it the same way:

• No bullshit

• Clear, concise, interesting pitches that understand what’s “news”

• Tell the truth. If you can’t say something, tell them

• Respect their time, get back to people right away (theyre on a deadline), and don’t bother them with worthless stuff

• Put them in direct contact with the “talent.” They’d rather talk to the creative director than the PR person


There are a number of ways I can help you with your agency PR program:

• Campaign PR planning

• Creating the PR assets (press release, FAQs, video case studies) needed to support campaign launches

• Project PR and pitching

• Interview prep

• Monitoring of press stories, social media, agency mentions and news that may have an impact on your agency

• PR goal setting and strategic planning

• Crisis communication

• People announcements (new hires, promotions, leadership transitions, departures)

• Annual Agency of the Year submissions


I’m happy to help with one-off PR projects for your agency. But I’d really rather help you set up a PR operation that will sustain your organization over time. That includes the following:

• Program organization and logistics

• In-house vs. external PR agency (how to decide what is right for your agency)

• Tips for working with your clients PR teams

• How to bake PR thinking into your creative campaigns

• The intersection of public relations and new business

• Relationships with reporters

• Using your own channels (website, social) to tell your story

• How to get your people out of the office and out in the world telling your story