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It seems like EVERYBODY in advertising is a “creative director” these days, but the title means different things to different people.

Here’s what I can do for you:

• Help sort through the creative chaos to find those ideas with the most promise

Focus and simplify the ideas

• Collaborate with the other leaders on the team (strategy, account, media and production) to stay focused on our goal: solving our client’s problems with inspired, original, effective creative work

• Nurture, encourage, challenge, cajole and/or do whatever it takes to help make the work better

• Make decisions

• Avoid phrases like “Just keep pushing it,” “Go ahead and blow it out,” and “Ten more just like that”

• Help figure out how the work will live in the world—that is, how real people will experience the campaign—which includes thinking through the PR and media strategy

• Respect people’s time

• Keep the whole process fun

When you hire a freelance CD, you may or may not want to put him or her in front of the client. I’m happy to work in the “back room” if that’s what you need.

But if you need somebody to be client facing, I’m a great presenter and work well with all sorts of clients.

Here’s how I approach that part of the job:

• Present work in a way that makes it dynamic, compelling and entertaining

• Develop a good relationship with the human beings on the client side; people will only take risks and buy interesting work if they trust you

• Help sell great work, even if I had nothing to do with with the idea

• Listen. Clients tell you what they need if you stop talking long enough to hear it

Already have a creative director? Just need some copywriting help? (Yes, I understand the difference.) I can do that too.