Yes, advertising award shows are a complete scam. 

(I wrote this opinion piece about award shows back in 2014 and there are even MORE shows now.)

BUT it’s hard to quit them. Because—and it pains me to say it—awards do help you recruit better talent; they make the new-business phone ring; and they lead to better clients.

It’s a game you probably have to play. 

But award shows can take an enormous amount of time and money and no agency has unlimited resources. You have to be smart.

Here’s how I can help:

• Performing a cost/benefit analysis of whether or not award shows will help you realize your agency goals

• Identifying those pieces that have the best chance to be competitive

• Helping you set up a program to manage the time-consuming entry prep and submission process

• Entry recommendations (which shows, categories, etc.)

• How to present your work in the most effective light

• Giving you a lay of the land on the award-show landscape, including a recap of what has won in recent years and why

• How to craft case studies that will do well in the jury room

• How to create case-study assets that can be used for both new business and award-show season (by following the "10 Commandments of Award Show Case Study Videos")

• How to get your people on award-show juries

• Completely fix the Cannes Lions competition (but Im not holding my breath that theyre going to implement my suggestions)